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Customized NetFlix-Styled EcoSystem

  • Mobile/ Tablet Devices

    The Turn-Key Preview Buzz mobile apps are available for both Apple and Andriod Devices

  • Smart Tv's

    Digital Television Sets Now have a perfect channel of original content targeted toward the millennials with the After Hours HD Channel available on Roku TV, Opera TV and Amazon Fire Tv

  • Interactive Kiosks

    With more than 175,000 Car Service Centers Nationwide, look for Preview Buzz Kiosks to help entertain and inform while you wait!

We Target Direct-to-Audience Marketing Strategies

  • Car Service Centers

    Interactive kiosks at more than 175,000 centers nationwide

  • Comic Cons / Book Expo's

    Promotional Booths at conventions ranging from 20,000 attendees to almost 200,000 attendees

  • After Hours HD

    A digital broadcast channel reaching more than 50 million subscribers on Roku TV, Opera TV and Amazon Fire TV

  • Mobile Apps

    Customized Preview Buzz branded apps for brands, filmmakers, models and musicians - available on Apple and Andriod Devices

Preview Buzz Kiosk

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The steep increase in demand for ways to market new products creatively allows Preview Buzz Kiosks to serve as an entertainment tool as well as a product advertising venue. With average waiting times at Car Service Centers ranging from 40 minutes to the better part of a day, this Video-On-Demand platform is perfect to both engage and inform all age groups.

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